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We believe in one Divine Source that manifest itself as God And Goddess, Feminine and Masculine. The is only one supreme power. We refer to this power as the ALL. The All has been called different names by different groups but is the same source, force, power of the universe. We believe that this being is self sustaining and is composed of NO Thing. The All is an everliving Mind.


We believe The Divine is in all things, and that the gifted can draw upon Divine energies to shape our world.

We believe in The Three Fold Law, we act from a place of kindness and love, knowing that what we send out in the universe comes back three fold. We do believe in defending ourselves in all manners if an aggressor acts against us. Don't start it and we won't have to end it.

We believe that all religions have good in them, and that all religious system can work beautifully with your magick.

We believe that those who practice magic whether Female or Male are called witches.     Old English define the word Wicca as a male witch, sorcerer, wizard a man who practices witchcraft or magick; even though it is used to describe all who follow the way of Wicca the religion today. The word for female witch is Wicce. Witches are both Men and Women. Not all witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccans are witches. There are christian witches, atheist witches and agnostic witches.

We believe in being proud of who we are

We believe in study and occult practice

We believe that we are responsible for what happens in our lives. We do not blame a Devil,God or a political leader for what happens to us. We and we alone are responsible for what happens to us.

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